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The team at The Avenue Preschool are all fully qualified early years practitioners who are passionate about working with young children and always have the needs and best interests of children in mind, this ensures all children are supported to progress through the EYFS at a pace that suits their individual needs and ensures that through daily observations and accurate termly assessments any support needs are quickly identified. We have recently introduced online profiles (Tapestry) which gives parents and carers accessible information on your child as it happens, using an app.

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Our key concerns...

Safe & enjoyable

Our aim is to ensure all children enjoy their time in the nursery and all parents and carers are secure in the knowledge that their child is receiving the best quality care and education possible in a happy, relaxed and educationally challenging environment that supports your child’s individual development stage.

Individual Needs

At The Avenue Preschool we regard all children as individuals, as such we strive to work closely with parents and carers to ensure we know as much about your child as possible. We are particularly keen to learn about their individual needs, likes and dislikes, personal characteristics and familiar routines which all assist us in supporting the children’s transition into the nursery and to enhance the quality of the professional relationships that develop between our children and our practitioners.

Special Educational Needs

We provide an inclusive environment in which all children, including those with special educational needs, are supported to reach their full potential. We designate two members of staff to be the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). Our SENCO is: Marie.


All of our team hold an enhanced DBS check and regularly update their professional development, we all hold paediatric first aid certificates and attend safeguarding children training. Staff all complete ongoing training for teaching phonics/mathematics and literacy, which makes them not only very professional but as parents themselves have a true understanding what children and parents need.

Professional Relationships

These relationships support children’s self-confidence thus enabling them to build social relationships with other children in the setting and to develop throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Keyworker System

Each child is allocated their own Key person who will make herself known to before your child starts. The Key person will help your child settle in and will record their development and special moments during their time with us. This means that you will always know who is keeping a special eye out for your child and with whom you can discuss their progress or any worries or concerns. All records on each child are available for parental viewing at any time.

Starting Pre-School

Parents are the first educators of young children and our Pre-School encourages working in partnership with parents at all times. We aim to make the setting a welcoming place, where children settle quickly and easily, consideration is given to the individual needs and circumstances of children and their families. We will usually visit you & your child in your home before the child begins pre-school, this gives us chance to get to know you and your child.

We will then talk to parents/carers about how best to settle your child into Pre-School, following our settling in policy. Usually we encourage parents to bring their child for 2 hours in their chosen session in the first week; this enables your child to get to know adults and other children, without the pressure of a full session.

Settling in

Younger children often take longer to settle in, as will children who have not previously spent time away from home. We believe a child to be settled in, when they have formed a healthy attachment with their key person; for example, the child looks for the key person when he/she arrives, goes to them for comfort, and seems pleased to be with them.

The child is also familiar with where resources are, participates in activities and is happy to be with other children. It is important for the parents and Pre-School staff to work together to help the child to feel confident and secure in the group. This takes longer for some children than for others and parents should not feel worried if their child takes a while to settle.

Pre-School Practitioners

To provide excellent care and development takes a professional team, at The Avenue Pre-School this consists of...

+ Safeguarding Officer
BA Honours Degree in Early Childhood Studies
QA level 3 Paediatric First Aid
Deputy Manager
BA Honours Early childhood studies and Special Educational Needs and Disability’s Coordinator (SENDCO)
Early Years Practitioner
Level 4 Early Years Childcare
QA level 3 Paediatric First Aid
Safeguarding Officer
Level 4 Early Years Childcare
QA level 3 Paediatric First Aid
Early Years Practitioner
Level 3 Early Years Childcare
QA level 3 Paediatric First Aid


Pre-School fees are £12.00 a session

All fees should be paid at the beginning of each session or at the beginning of the week. If your child is absent, the full amount is still required to be paid: as your child has an allocated session. We provide a high ratio of Qualified Professional staff per child, ensuring safety and quality childcare at all times. The Avenue Pre-School prides itself on being an outstanding childcare provider.


All children aged 3-5yrs can receive 15hours Government Funding, this is usually available the term after they turn 3yrs, 2 Year funding is allocated by Local Authority, see a member of staff for further details.

We provide Universal Funding also!

Get in touch with us...

Term time only; 8.30am to 4.00pm

  • Phone:
    01472 601347

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Up to date

When your child joins The Avenue Pre-School, we will keep you up to date about things happening at the Pre-School:

  • Via our newsletters
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  • Via open days
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